Do you freeze at interviews?  Feel unprepared? You negate all the hard work you have put into your job search if you don’t prepare for an interview.  However if you are well prepared for a job interview your chances of success are much better.

You may find the interview easy, and even enjoyable, if you know the requirements of the job you are being interviewed for and feel confident that your resume and cover letter accurately portrayed you. With confidence you can perform well in the interview by demonstrating the experience, skills and personal traits you can bring to this role.

Sounds too simple? Well, it can be done!  You can convince the interviewer that you’re perfect for the job. Here’s how you accomplish that mission:

Prepare, prepare, and prepare

Believe me, nothing can replace preparation. Top actors and champion athletes devote time in preparation for any performance or competition. Should you not do the same? Your preparation reflects your eagerness to get that job.

How do you prepare for an interview?

Know the content of your résumé.  Rehearse your answers to the most commonly asked questions. Practice your elevator pitch (remember what you put in your cover letter?). Do some research about the company. Dress smartly in a style that is appropriate for that company. Finally, and importantly, arrive on time.

Create a good impression through your manners and answers.

Here is your chance to prove that you are the perfect candidate for the job. First impressions last. Usually the first few minutes of the interview will make or break it. However if you have prepared well for this then you should be brimming with confidence.  As a result you will make the right impression by answering questions directly and succinctly and by acting naturally. Do not add any unnecessary information beyond what is asked. Pause for a few seconds before you answer.  If you are well prepared it should be a very smooth interview.

Leave on a good note

Finally, don’t forget to thank the interviewer and gently remind them of your contact details.

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