The Follow Up Call After Interview

After any interview, you want to make sure they remember you. That is where interview follow up comes into play. In our technological society today, you have several options for follow up on an interview.

Follow up on your interview could be considered the third step in your interview process. The first being a resume’ and the second being the actual interview. The second step is, of course, the most difficult part of the process. Once you have completed the interview and left, what you believe to be a lasting impression, it is time for the icing on the cake. Some people don’t look at this step as an important one. What they don’t realize though is by not doing follow up; it may cost them the position.

A follow up call is probably the most personable way to say “thank you” for the interview. There is no need to make this a lengthy call. A simple “just wanted to call and say thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I enjoyed getting to know more about the position and meeting you”. You can be sure that their schedule is busy, so choose the day and time you call carefully. If they inform you the candidate has already been chosen, and then let them know, should something not work out, you would still be interested in the position. By doing this, it lets them know that they may not have to go through the whole interview process again. Or they may suggest you for a different position with the company.

If you are not comfortable with making that call, mailing them a note or sending them an email is another option. Always make sure you thank them for taking the time out of there day to meet with you. Not only does this let them know you are serious about the position, but it always shows them that you understand that there time is valuable. This will leave them with something that they can look at and remember your name. In order to make this impression lasting, make sure to check for proper spelling of all the names you will be including in your letter.

Once you have made that phone call or sent that letter of thanks, don’t get pushy. If you don’t hear back from them after 2 calls, let I go. They probably have filled the position. There is a difference in making a good impression with follow up and becoming an irritating bother. In order to be considered for a possible position in the future, make sure you leave them with a good memory of your contact.

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The employment marketplace is perpetually shifting and the individuals who can adapt the fastest will be the people that have the first pick in the greatest opportunities. Through the accessibility of information and the advancements in computer, looking for employment is not what it used to be. The game has changed in a big way and now people have got to not only have the ability to deliver a total package of skills and knowledge for the profession but be required to also learn extra expertise to even be given an job interview for the job you want.

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