Want to Dramatically Improve Your Chances of Job Search Success?

As you’re composing your resume, writing your cover letter, and later when you’re prepping for the interview – put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes and look at your candidacy through that person’s eyes.

It will make a powerful difference.
Sure, you want the job. Or you need the job.
Maybe you think this would be an exceptional career move.
Or you’ve always wanted to work for this company.
And so on.

But none of that matters to the hiring manager right now. He has a problem to solve – an objective to achieve. He’s trying to fill a position, and he’s looking for the best candidate.

What you want isn’t tops on his list at the moment. Nor should it be at this stage of the game.

As you’re marketing yourself to prospective employers, keep that in mind. Give yourself an advantage by positioning yourself as the solution to the hiring manager’s problem. Make it all about them…not you.

It’s not that what you want isn’t valid. However, by shifting your focus at this early phase, you’ll give yourself a much better chance to achieve what you want in the end.

To paraphrase JFK, ask not what the company can do for you – ask what you can do for the company. That message should come through loudly and clearly in your cover letter and be reinforced by your resume.

In the latter case, it means that all important space “above the fold” should be used to succinctly summarize your experience and qualifications as they relate to the hiring company’s objectives. (You’re pretty clear about those objectives because you did thorough research.) Give them a hook that’ll keep them reading…

Then when you’re invited to interview, your preparation will include thinking about how you can convey your unique selling proposition in terms that will resonate. How will you benefit the company? That’s the context you’ll use to show them why you’re the best candidate.

Once they’re interested and start selling you on the position – voila, the perspective shifts and now you can start to address your needs.
Rebecca Metschke helps professionals improve their marketability. Rebecca Metschke is the author of The Interview Edge (http://www.TheInterviewEdge.com), a comprehensive career guide to career management, she also writes a daily blog posting strategies, tips and advice for those whose careers are in transition (http://blog.TheInterviewEdge.com).

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