Why Make a Video Resume?

It is really hard getting your resume noticed. We could have researched the Internet for advices about creating the best resume and cover letter. We could have listed all of our achievements, previous employment experiences and responsibilities. But sometimes, we just do not get a call back. Our school records may show that we are just an average student. So, how do you stand out from hundreds of applicants?

When I was applying for a freelance position, I noticed that there is now a space where I can upload a video resume. I cannot attest to the effectiveness of it because I am not a hiring officer of a company nor have I tried creating one. I have never been hired because my employers were impressed with my video. But, because it is gaining popularity, we might as well try and prepare one.

Video resume is being able to let your prospective employer see the real you. The kind of stuff they will not see on paper. They will be able to see how well you carry yourself, how you converse, if you are witty and funny and a lot more.

Making a video resume is fairly easy. All you need is a video camera or a digital camera that has a video feature in it. You will also need to have a computer or you can go to a professional in order to get your video edited properly. If you have video editing skills, then you can just do it yourself.

Before making one, keep in mind the following:

1. Dress appropriately like you would in an actual face-to-face interview.

2. Choose a location to shoot where there is no mess and no distractions.

3. Do know what you are applying for so that the talking points will be relevant to the job you are applying for.

4. You can research ahead of time some possible questions an interviewer may want to know and then you can talk about that in your video resume.

5. Do speak clearly and confidently. The best thing about video resume is that you can always edit the video and re-do certain portions.

6. Submit a video that truly represent you to your employer and that is telling them how right you are for the position.

7. Do not forget to state your name and contact details at the end of the video.

8. Most importantly, keep the video short. The video can be 2-3 minutes long which is enough for your employers to get a look and feel of you in the video.

With that being said, all you need is your guts and confidence in facing a video and uploading them for viewing. What I always like to do before an interview is to create scripts to answer possible questions. This will help me arrange my thoughts and limit mistakes. You can do that too while recording your video resume.

By Making A Video Resume.

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