Win a Better Job Quicker! Try the 30-60-90 Day Plan

Job seekers need to take note. The market is tough, but your future is controlled by your own actions. I believe having a plan is the key to make this happen. More important, I believe knowing how to put together the right plan is the first most important step. I’ve spent a lot of time researching sources and believe I know what that plan is.

Peggy Mckee at PHC Consulting has unlocked the keys to career building success. Her 30-60-90 day sales plan is winning people jobs every day. The results are astounding. Peggy explains how to put together a winning plan and win a winning job in her weekly webinars. I am so amazed! and astounded! I can’t say enough about it.

That aside, how can we be surprised? Having a plan is the key to most things in life. Why would the interview be any different. Besides this point, I think having a plan going into the interview not only will win the job, but chances are having a plan is very likely to get the job off to a great stop. Instead of entering the position with less than specific ideas you come through the door ready to roar. And roaring adds to the bottom line and eventually enriches you.

If what I’m saying isn’t enough, check out this testimonial. Now get ready, you should have a Kleenex handy, this is a tear jerker. You’ll be saying the pledge of allegiance and doing all kinds of mom and apple pie things after this. Peggy’s 30-60-90 day plan proves itself in the following testimonial.

“I have to tell you my story. I have been out of work for over a year. I am a store manager for a floor covering company for over 30 years. I have interviewed several times and I was fully qualified, but there were 30 other people as fully qualified, and I was missing something every time and never got the job.

I went to an interview last week and took your 30-60-90 day plan, of course I customized it to me and my profession, and it worked!!!!! He was so impressed with my plan that he not only hired me, he hired me as a general manager for all his stores, A 6 figure job. much more than I was interviewing for. The plan worked far beyond my expectations.

It was the best $90.00 I ever spent.

Thank you for your plan. I was getting desperate down to my last dollars, and I was reluctant to spend the money, But I am so happy I did. Again thank you.”

I’ve beat the drum! And whooped and hollered about Peggy’s product. Now that you’ve seen these testimonials they give you a taste for how it works and why it works! I hope you are feeling the excitement and understanding the need to move on this.

As we close today, keep in mind that your career and you job are in your control if you choose to make them that way. So get started on your plan today and begin tightening up your entire career package.

Blake Ratcliff has more than 25 years professional experience. He’s been part of the management team for 9 startups. He’s founded businesses and he’s served in fortune 500 companies. Blake’s been a corporate recruiter. He’s been on the wrong side of business failures and on the right side of big successes. Put your career on the right course.

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