Chris Forman – Founder, CEO Startwire [Video Interview]

Chris Forman, CEO of Startwire says "For the last 10 years, Tim McKegney and I have spent most waking hours building new tools and technologies to make it easier for great companies to find great people. Our stuff was pretty good. It won most of the awards they hand out for recruiting technology and was used by a lot of really smart people at close to 70% of the Fortune 500.

After we sold our business, we decided we weren’t done. We looked at the other side of the recruiting equation – the job seeker – and saw that they could really use some help.

We spent a few months skiing, farming (yes we both live on farms), running, and thinking. The result was StartWire™ – where your friends and experts help you to find work.

We felt that job seekers needed a private place where they could leverage the knowledge and connections of their friends as well as the advice and experience of experts who really know job search – all without having to worry about what their boss or future employer could see.

And it’s just the beginning. In the next few months, you’ll be seeing more new ideas and tools.

Please try StartWire™ to energize your job search. And talk to us about how you’re using it? We want to make StartWire™ the best possible way to get hired. Drop us an email or an old-fashioned phone call."


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