Ken Carson – CEO Finding Work Today [Video Interview]

Finding Work Today, as you might have guessed, was founded by a headhunter and a consulting executive, a father and son team. Both Cliff Carson and Ken Carson bring a unique set of skills and more than 55 years of combined professional headhunting, marketing and many years of consulting experience to the company. The other executives in the company are also very senior consultants and each of them has more than 25 years of experience in either career coaching, marketing or operations.

Long before internet job boards and LinkedIn existed, there were Headhunters. Today they are called recruiters or placement specialists, but they are no longer called Headhunters. Real Headhunters were both feared and admired by all companies. This was because real Headhunters had a unique ability to find out exactly what was going on at any company and find and talk to anyone at any level.

Today, the secrets of those old Headhunters have been lost as modern "recruiters" post jobs on the internet and collect resumes.

Finding Work Today has created a unique online course on how to get started and succeed in the consulting business. Many of the techniques that are detailed in the course are based on Ken’s 25 years of experience as a sales and marketing executive in a variety of consulting firms, including management consulting, business consulting and high technology consulting companies. After growing and selling his first consulting firm, he spent 3 years as a senior marketing executive with a $1.2 billion dollar a year, global IT consulting company. After working for other consulting firms, he decided to become a consultant himself and started his own consulting firm specializing in cost-effective marketing for small businesses and sales process consulting for larger high technology companies. However, what really makes this course unique is that some of the old headhunter secrets that Cliff, Ken and the other executives at Finding Work Today pioneered are incorporated into this course as key elements of the networking strategies that are so important in finding consulting jobs. Everyone knows that networking is the key to consulting. So part of this course teaches you networking old headhunter style.

Ken Carson, started his career learning at the feet of the master, joining his father’s firm as a rookie straight out of Boston University. As his career progressed, he was rapidly promoted to Vice President largely due to his ability to take his father’s already unconventional techniques and refine them even further. Father and son soon achieved near legendary status in the Headhunting industry.

After landing his first job at a software consulting firm, eventually Ken went on to start his own consulting firm as CEO. He grew his first company from 3 software engineers in a small office over a pizza shop to a publicly traded company with 460 employees and $52 million in sales. He played a key role in selling his second software company for $200 million. He went on to start 2 more software companies with equally impressive results, in the process creating over a billion dollars in returns for his investors and stockholders. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for two high technology companies and is still actively working in consulting.

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