Kristi Daeda – Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Speaker, Coach

Kristi Daeda is the founder of LaunchSummit.com and the CareerAdventureBlog.com She says “my own career has been a rambling road, which may be why I’m so passionate about helping others find their path.  Anyone can have a job, but a career that’s your calling…  that’s something else entirely. I started this site to provide resources and spark conversation among all of us that are looking to develop ourselves in pursuit of that calling, whether it be the corner office or a home office, as team members or running the show on our own. What’s my inspiring work?  I work with you to help you find your inspiring work.  We talk about dreams, we focus on what makes you happy, we learn more about the impact you want to have on the world.  Then, we get to work making things happen. I also work with organizations to develop the competitive advantage that comes with a world-class team.  You know, the kind that you’d like to work for”

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