Job Boards-Candidate’ Friend or Foe?

You may be very surprised to learn just ‘how much’ information the major job boards ‘can’ disclose to prospective employers, depending on which package the employer chooses on sign-up!

First of all, let me state clearly that I believe job boards serve a very useful and valuable service to both candidates and employers. I have used a number of job boards throughout my career and have found them to be very useful resource tools.

I was recently surprised to learn just how much background information employers are able to obtain on potential candidates for their current and future career opportunities. The data they collect can be saved and used in future search parameters, and therefore referenced when and if the need arises.

Part of any job search, regardless of seniority level, is the provision of professional references to support your personal and professional contributions in your previous roles.

This is a natural and anticipated part of any job search, and should not represent a challenge for those seeking gainful employment. The same holds true for the provision of educational ‘certifications’, which of course are also checked in the standard reference checking process.

Following is a summary of the detail available to employers should they elect the option:(NB: Some boards include these services in their fees, while others post an additional charge, depending on how ‘in-depth’ the background check is to be).

  • Employment References
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Address History
  • Education Verification
  • Salary Details

In some cases, an advantage to the employers posting their positions on these boards is a fairly handsome commission, which begins at approximately 15% ‘per referral’ if they participate in the ‘affiliate’ program, which anyone can join free of charge.

Naturally, the ‘referral’ the employer introduces must place an ad or request access to the appropriate database in order to earn any commission.

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