Job Hunting After 50 – Move Ahead of the Kids!

Job hunting after 50-move ahead of the kids and get you job hunting effort back on track.

Job hunting after 50 is no picnic. Either you’re unemployed or your current job is on the brink of ending.

You’ve built what you think is a great resume. After sending out a number of resume application packages you find your job hunting after 50 seems to have reached a dead-end.

You send out emails and make phone calls and nothing seems to work. Are you hoping the economy will approve so job hunting will result in some success? We all know that to worry or be overly concerned about something you cannot control will lead to nothing positive.

Finding the right job in today’s job market is difficult. There are many times hundreds of résumé’s received for each job opening. Discouragement is everywhere. We see it everywhere in the media. Our friends and relatives reinforce the negatives in the job market.

It’s real easy to be sucked into this negative mind set. You’re working hard on a daily basis and the results are just not happening. Are you disheartened? Probably you are but don’t let this feeling stand in your way.

Now what are the job hunting related things you have control over? Let’s get your job hunting after 50 back in gear taking control and moving forward.

First, it isn’t you. If you don’t get a response to your application does not mean you are not qualified, or your age is against you, or you didn’t cross the right t or dot the i. It’s real simple, take the lack of action to mean just that, it’s not personal.

Second, what is the difference between your efforts and others who seem to be getting job interviews and finding employment?

You send out resumes every day and time passes and all you hear is deafening silence. You make a series of calls and get no responses. So you take some time off which means you do not read some information which would help you in your job hunt. So you miss some important job hunting techniques and continue on the same path.

While other younger job hunters are ramping up their job search efforts your effort seems to have hit the doldrums.

And you get even less results and more discouraged. Your frustration grows, your original job hunting goals seem unattainable and too difficult and you slow down some more. You rationalize that you’re just wasting paper and stamps. Let’s stop this nonsense, right now.

Third, now is the time to start over; your first step is to set daily, weekly and monthly realistic but stretch goals in your job hunt over 50.

You know you have marketable skills so let’s get busy getting the best resume in front of as many relevant eye balls as possible. If you want your ships to come in you have to put a large number of ships out on the ocean.

If you wait until the economy becomes better, or you get the right feelings to reenergize your job search plan, you’ll be waiting a long time. Someone younger than you will grab the very job that you are exactly qualified for. Now is the time to get back in the game, or raise your job hunting after 50 to a higher better focused level.

Fourth, get some help in your job search. Go to your network and find someone who can review and give you advice on improving your resume. There are others who can help you find jobs in the hidden job market. Others can direct you to sources where you can study a whole range of successful proven job search techniques.

Finally, work on improving what you can control. Stop listening to those negative voices. Rebuild you career and career hunting plan and take action and work you plan each and every day. Celebrate your successes as you reach and exceed each written job search goal.

With your new reenergized job hunt plan after 50, the right job and career will now be more clearly in sight.

By John Groth. For more about how career change planning and working your career plan can help you find your dream job in a career that you’ll love. Discover up to date ideas and tips at http://careersafter50.com. You’ll find informative articles on career planning and job hunting along with stories of individuals just like you who successfully found the right job by career planning after 50.

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