How to Prepare for an Interview – 5 Essentials to Do the Day Before Interview

Job Interview Tips - 5 Essentials to Do the Day Before the Interview

How to Prepare for an Interview

1. Maps and Contacts

Prepare the day before interview to make sure you get to your interview on time. Find out exactly where you have to go and who you must ask for once you are there. Get good directions, look on the map and make sure you know the best route. Work out how long it will take you, allow for traffic and parking time. Have the full name and position of the person you will be seeing and a contact number in case you need to call. Put all this information into an interview folder to take with you.

2. Prepare your Portfolio

Another job interview tip is to get all your documentation together the day before. Make a couple of copies of your resume and a list of your references including name, position and contact numbers. Include copies of any written references you want to give the interviewer. You may want to include work samples that are relevant to the position. Put all these into a neat, simple portfolio to give to the interviewer. Have a notebook and pen ready to jot down details during the interview.

3. Review your Resume

Go through your resume the day before to re-familiarize yourself with the information the interviewer has about you. Be aware of any red flags such as gaps in employment that you will need to address during the interview.

4. Practice your Interview Questions and Answers

A couple of days before the interview you will have prepared answers to common job interview questions such as “What are your strengths?”, “Why are you the right candidate for this job?”, “Tell me about yourself?”. Go through these answers and practice saying them out loud. You also should have prepared about five appropriate questions to ask the interviewer about the job, the company and the management, such as, “Please describe the company’s management style and the sort of employee who fits in well with it?” Go through these questions and include them in your interview folder.

5. Dress for Success

Find out the expected dress code for the job interview. You can call the company and speak to Human Resources or even Reception. It is usually advisable to dress more formally for the interview than the actual position requires- this shows respect for the interview process. Select the appropriate clothes the day before and make sure they are clean and pressed. Shoes should be polished. Decide on any accessories you want to wear. Lay your interview clothes out ready for the next day. This saves rushing around just before the interview and getting into a spin!

5 simple job interview tips that will make the difference between feeling prepared and confident or anxious and flustered about your job interview!

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