10 Ways to Stand Out in Your Office

Do you want to climb the corporate ladder? Are you tired of watching others get promoted? The key to getting a promotion is in getting noticed, doing your best, and making your company look good in the process. Here are several tips which will help you get that promotion.

  1. Leave your clique – When people get together, they form small groups based on job function or similar interests. Once a week, go to lunch with someone who is not within your division or social clique. You gain a broader understanding of the inner workings of the company and possibly gain a friend.
  2. The efficient perfectionist – At the end of the day, you do not want to have any regrets about what you could have, would have, or should have done. Take the time to proof your work. Your hard work will be reflected in the rewards you receive. Strive to be an efficient perfectionist.
  3. Make your company shine – It is your reponsibility to make your company look great. Every interaction with someone outside of the company is a reflection of your company. When you are at conventions, do not speak ill of your company. When you are working with customers, do everything within your power to satisfy them.
  4. Know what you want – Are you after the money, the status, the respect, or a combination of all three? Find out what duties your desired position entails. Will it mean more work and less recognition? Will you be capitalizing on your strengths? Know what you want before you ask for it.
  5. Attitude is essential – Nobody wants to work with someone who is constantly self-deprecating or condescending. Be upbeat and eager to work with others within your company. Look at the optimistic side of any argument, but remain realistic in your expectations.
  6. Accept responsibility – Accept responsibility for your actions. If you did something that was detrimental, accept responsibility for your actions. When you accept the responsibility and the consequences of your actions, you are proving to other people within your company that you are fully capable of handling the tough situations.
  7. Pursue your ideas – Managers do not sit around and wait for permission. If you have an excellent idea for generating leads which does not violate the company’s ethic, give it a try. If it works, management will ask you for the recipe. Take those risks and ask forgiveness later.
  8. Assume more duties – Ask for more work. Is there anything that you can do to make your manager’s life easier? Can you make a report or attend one of the inter-department meetings? Make yourself as valuable as possible to the management team.
  9. Listen – Listening to every side of an argument is an important trait for someone wanting to climb the corporate ladder. Watch people in the meetings that you attend. The one who gains the most respect is the one who listens to the conversation and thinks before acting.
  10. Go to your company parties – Go to every available company party or event. If there is a bowling tournament with rival corporations, show up with your tacky shoes in hand. If there is a picnic, bring the potato salad. This brings you positive visibility.

Individuals within your company get promoted because they stand above the crowd. They are honorable and truthful. They will listen to all sides and proceed with rational thought. They get a new pay scale because they are seen as creative innovators. Show initiative, get a promotion.

James Adams compares and writes reviews of ink supplies for Cartridge Save. He is also a regular guest post at tech and gadget blogs.


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