5 Important Points to Remember While You Are Attending Interview

5 Important Points to Remember While You Are Attending Interview

At some point of time in the recruitment cycle everyone has to attend the interviews. Employers use the opportunity to personally judge the candidate and verify a few facts. The duration of the interview normally is about 15-30 minutes and this is what is available for you to make an impression on your potential employer. Given below are the 5 important points you should consider.

5 Important Points to Remember When Attending Interview

Be On Time

Nothing upsets an employer as much as when he realizes that the candidate is not available for the interview at the prescribed time. It is your responsibility to add margins for excess traffic, weather conditions or anything else you can think of so that you are there at the office well in time. Getting there about half an hour early should be good enough, but don’t make it too early.

Present Yourself Properly

While dressing for the job is important, the minimum that is expected out of a candidate is clean and formal attire. Attending interviews in T shirts and jeans is not recommended. Ensure that your dresses are not shabby and your shoes are well polished. Walk straight, introduce yourself and create an impression on the interviewers.

Be Polite

Be polite to everyone, even to those who may not matter immediately like a receptionist or an office assistant. The way you behave with your colleagues irrespective of their positions is a very important yard stick to measure your suitability for the job.

Know About Your Company

There are various sources which can give you a lot of information about your target company. You should have the general information about their size, products, offices, achievements and any recent happenings. The interviewer will surely appreciate the interest shown by you in his company.

Understand Job Requirements

Make sure you understand the requirements of the job and match your skills with the demands of your position. This way you can get the discussion started on the right keel and you will soon be at the same wavelength as the interviewer. Even though the other qualities are important, scoring a high on the skill set will make it easier to grab that dream job.

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