Are Job Blogs Useful?

It seems that everywhere you look online these days there are blogs about almost every topic you can think of and the with the job market so hotly contested now there are many job blogs are well. Because it is so easy to be a blogger and there are many free sites that allow anyone to blog about anything that means the number of job blogs online is simply astounding.

With so many to choose from there are obviously going to be some that are better than others, but overall are job blogs useful? The answer all depends on which job blogs you are looking at and also what type of information you are trying to find.

The main differences that you will find with most job blogs are that they are either maintained by an individual person or by a corporation. Some individual maintained blogs can be very useful as many are maintained by people who used to be in the business of job recruiting or some other form of employment finding. These kind of job blogs can be handy is you are looking for advice on what to say in an interview and how to dress and so on.

While the blogs that are maintained by the individuals are somewhat useful from time to time, it is more often than not the corporate employment blogs that really offer you a great source of free information. The nice thing about job blogs that are maintained by corporations is that they often give valuable insights to their companies and if you are attempting to get a job at one of these places then the corporate run job search blogs are a must see. Many times they will offer you an insight to the company itself and flat out tell you what to expect if you want to work for them.

However, the best run and most valuable job blogs that you will find in relation to the job market as a whole will be attached to job websites. Websites such as Monster.com and HotJobs.com have their own dedicated blogs and these blogs will be filled with all sorts of tips, tricks, and general information in regards to finding a job. Additionally you can get advice on post interview tips, follow up tips, and the like all for free. Their job blogs are generally free to view and if you are a member of their site you can even make a comment on a posting if you so desire.

So the answer to the question is yes, job blogs can be very useful only at different degrees. However, when you are in the hunt for the perfect job then every bit of free information that you can gather up will only be to your benefit. While you may have to spend some time searching through the different job search blogs that are online today, it may be well worth it if you land your dream job as a result of the free information that you uncover.

By Jason Kay. Learn more job search strategies on the JobGoRound.com job search blog.


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