Careers – How to Do Something You Love

When starting your career after school or after college, it can seem a daunting process to get the career you want. That is if you even know what career you want. sometimes it’s just a bit to much with everything else going and left to the last minute.

You may be told there are no jobs in the profession you want due to a recession or that you have the wrong qualifications for that job.

You may feel that the career you want is just too tough and another choice needs to be made.

No career path is the same, and what starts out as one thing often leads to another, and then another and one day you think – how did I get to here?

So how do you start on the career of your choice? Our tips are

Do what you enjoy Put no barriers between you and the job Learn on the job, practical as well and theory If workplace learning is available, grab it with both hands Ask for a mentor to help you career aims Do what you enjoy is very important. Write down what it is and then what jobs are in those industries. Look at your list and see what you can find in your town or local city. You spend many hours in the workplace so it’s essential you do something that you want to jump out of bed and get to each morning.

Put no barriers between you and the job. If you start putting barriers between you and the job, you won’t get it at interview as you won’t feel confident. If you find yourself putting barriers into place, ask yourself why?

Learn on the job. Experience gives your qualifications the seal of approval, don’t underestimate the value of practical experience.

Workplace qualifications are often offered as a way of development, grab the opportunities with both hands, they’ll help you get the next promotion, the next opportunity to the job you really want.

A mentor in the workplace is invaluable and can help you work out the career route you want to take, the intricacies of your job as well as being a great source of advice. Companies often have mentoring schemes, so take advantage of them and ask for a mentor to help you.

Remember, careers take steps back on occasion as well as leaps forward but if you do something you love, the chances are you will have far more career success.

If you are looking for the story of how many business woman’s career paths started, then the bloggers here, can show you.

Sarah Arrow is managing editor of ‘Birds on the Blog’ A business woman’s magazine style blog that offers business advice, careers advice and everything in between, from a business perspective.

Article (C) Sarah Arrow 2010

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