Coping With Job Loss – 5 Actions Steps That You Should Implement Immediately After Losing Your Job

Coping with job loss is an exercise that undoubtedly tests your emotional strength and personal resolve. To say that it is difficult is only scratching the surface. It’s confusing, awkward, painful, and very frightening. However, what it is not is life-threatening, destructive, or emotionally damaging. If you figure out a way to put things in motion after losing your job; you will not only feel more hopeful, but you may even wish that losing your job had occurred a lot sooner. These five action steps are designed to get you back on track immediately after enduring this uneventful experience.

Devise a Self-Improvement Plan Make some type of plan that will serve to improve the quality of your life in the near future. Make a plan to provide some type of professional service that will pay you well. Become an independent contractor and sell your services. Start an online business. Make a plan to study, and get good at Internet marketing. Make a plan to become an expert blogger. Set goals with various timelines starting with short-range goals, and ending with long-range goals. Make your plan as powerful and as large as possible.

Be Proactive, Not ReactiveFigure out a good way to make some money. If you have to get another job, then get one as quickly as you can. However, don’t just rush out and take any job merely because it pays. Likewise, don’t take a job that requires doing things that you utterly hate. Instead, do work that brings you emotional fulfillment; even if it doesn’t pay a lot of money. Be patient and find work that connects with your spirit and brings you some contentment.

Stay Focused on You Stay away from all the BS. Focus only on those things that will strengthen you, and completely avoid those that you believe will weaken you. Don’t listen to naysayers, opinionated jackasses, or anyone who has absolutely no interest in your well-being. Focus on your needs, and your needs only (or at least primarily). Be honest with yourself about your job loss situation, but also remain faithful to what’s important to you.

Do Things that You Love Daily Take part in activities that you absolutely love. Whatever it is that makes you completely happy, do it as long as it’s a healthy pursuit. Go bike riding. Take long, peaceful nature walks. Meet friends for casual drinks and dinners. Attend little league outdoor sporting events. Do the occasional movie night. Go dancing. Losing a job does not have to be a life sentence, and doing fun activities should never make you feel guilty just because you’re jobless. Just go out and enjoy yourself..

Keep Boosting Your Spiritual Life When the going gets tough, keep working on uplifting the quality of your life. Do activities that will bring you closer to the God Force. Read spiritually uplifting books, and listen to inspirational audiocassette tapes and CDs. View spiritual television programs. Eat food that is uplifting; even the occasional junk food. Write a beautiful letter. Keep a spiritual journal. Attend church. Participate in bible study group sessions. Keep boosting your spirit every single day.

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