Discover "Guerilla Strategies" to Land Your Dream Job

In order to get the perfect job you may have to use revised tactics. It may prove very beneficial to bring out the cunning you and take a slightly different approach to job search. Here are few examples of what you can do to increase your chances of employment.

1. Take a step back.

Reaching out to your previous manager/employer is not something you usually do unless looking for references. It is, however, a great idea

– people move, change companies, climb up the ladder. Your past employer already knows you and may be interested in having you join his team. They may also refer you to other employers.

2. Volunteer.

This is a great way to land a great opportunity. If you have time and occasion consider doing some free work. You may spend few hours a week doing a job you really like and eventually get recognition and full time paid position. In any case this chance will not be wasted as you gain valuable experience.

3. Look for the signs.

Take an opportunity and apply for a job before the position even opens. Seems hard? Not so much if you use simple common sense. If you see in the newspaper that in the company X there has been a major change on the executive level – send your resume right in. The management change is often followed by further layoffs as new administration introduces new policies. You can be the part of the new team.

4. Insider job.

Many companies have references fees for employers who recommend new people to join the team. Target someone who already works in a company that interest you. You can reach them through friends or via your network. Ask them if they can forward your resume to their supervisor. It will be in the best interest of both of you if you actually get the job.

Good luck!

Margaret Buj is an Interview Coach and a senior recruiter, with experience of recruiting across EMEA for leading organizations in the technology sector, including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco and Business Objects.

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