How Best to Work with a Recruiter Today

Back in the day when job hunting was easier, job seekers had the upper-hand. Whether it was applying directly to a business online or registering with a local staffing firm, oftentimes it was a quick and easy process. Today – not so much.

It’s a New World.

Businesses that ARE hiring in today’s climate are trying to save money wherever possible. Spending budgets have been depleted. The utilization of external recruiters is way down. Simply put, staffing firms are used much less than before. It is a crazy time to be looking for a job. Nothing you don’t already know, right?

It is possible to beat the odds.

Companies are still hiring. And, yes, they are still utilizing staffing firms for certain hires. In order to win in this New World you must be proactive and forward-thinking. Whether you are someone in transition looking for a job or you are someone looking to take the next step, you need to be prepared to win.

Market yourself the right way. It starts with a well-written resume and cover letter. This is a must whether you are applying directly to an HR recruiter online or if you are registering with an external recruiter at a local staffing firm. At some point in the process, your resume will be viewed and reviewed. Decisions will be made based off of it. Long story short, make sure your resume is exchange ready for headhunters and visually appealing and well-written.

Tips when working with an external recruiter:

1. Be niche specific. Make sure you reach out to and work with local staffing firms that specialize in your field. This will guarantee you the most success.

2. Be flexible. It is great to shoot for that great paying direct-hire opening but also be willing to take that temp or temp-perm job offer as well. Most staffing firms will alert you to permanent jobs that come across their desk while you are on their payroll working as a temporary.

3. Add value to your recruiter. You must stand out and it starts with an exchange-ready resume. All things equal, a recruiter will always work smart. Usually that means work quickly. Don’t assume they have time to revamp your resume. Not anymore. There is just no time for that.

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