Are You Making These Ten Job Search Mistakes Of Older Workers?

Job Search Mistakes Often Made by Older Workers

The infographic below is a summary of the ten most common job search mistakes I see older workers make when they commence a job search. It was written in response to one client’s request for help. I analysed her situation, her resume and cover letter, and observed the following 10 classic mistakes being made. Many of the mistakes were related to her resume which didn’t give her the best possible chance of getting a job she wanted.

Older workers face many challenges when searching for a job, so I hope this list of mistakes helps you to make the changes you need to make and that this results in you making the changes you want in your career. This is just the first step of What Older Workers Need To Know To Get the Job They Want.

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Ten Job Search Mistakes Of Older Workers

Ten Job Search Mistakes Of Older Workers

Infographic - 10 common mistakes made by older workers

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