Job Security Is Dead – What Should You Do About It?

It is pretty evident that job security just no longer exists in our economy. The plan to get a job, work there for 40 years and then retire, is over. The US Department Of Labor has actually said that people born in the 80’s and 90’s will have 10-14 different jobs by the time they turn 38.

The idea of getting a safe secure job is just no longer a reality in this new fast paced world of business. Some of the most in demand jobs of 2010 did not even exist in 2004. People are actually being educated about jobs that no longer even exist.

This is a hard pill to swallow for people who have been told all their lives to go to school and get a safe secure job. Well if you follow that model today you are going to have a rude awakening. Even if you do find what you think is a secure job, retirement funds are continuing to decline. Today we see that people are getting ready to retire, and they find that they don’t have enough money to live on.

Is It The End Of The World?

Absolutely not, this just means that things are changing. The people that adapt quickly will thrive in this economy. Change is not an easy thing to cope with sometimes, but it is essential that you learn to adapt. All of the successful businesses are quick to adapt and change to the marketplace.

What Does This Mean For You

This means that you have to develop some core skills within yourself. You need to become flexible in your approach to making money, and start thinking in terms of results. These days businesses are more focused on results than anything else. If you know how to produce awesome results in different environments then you have nothing to fear.

It is far better to experiential knowledge, rather than theoretical knowledge. Real world experience and results are now the most important thing.

Make The Shift

If you really want to thrive in the years to come you are going to have to make a MAJOR mindset shift. We need to start thinking more like an entrepreneur. You need to stop relying on companies to take care of you all of your life. Switch your focus from job security to developing yourself and your own key skills.

Some core skills include your ability to produce results, communicate, and adapt to change. The only security that we really have is the security within ourselves. If you know how to produce results under changing circumstances, then you will be able to thrive in this new economy.

By Ryan C Martin. Learn how to develop core skills within yourself so that you can take advantage of the changing times. Become secure with your ability to make money and produce results on a consistent basis. Job security is dead


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