Learn About Yourself First to Discover Your Passion

By first getting to know yourself and then feeling confident in yourself and who you are, will help you discover your passion at work. This process begins by understanding who you are, by learning your key strengths and values. By learning these things about yourself, you will become more comfortable and confident with who you are, not what others think you should be. To begin this process, you should take a look back at where you came from and how family, past experiences, relationships, education, and trainings have molded your personality. The majority of your strengths may be contributed to things you developed at a young age, either by your parents or another person of influence. By learning what your top 5 strengths and values are, you will be able to better evaluate your career options and make a better choice on which direction to go. To have a successful fulfilling career, you must be able to utilize all 5 of your top strengths and still fulfill your top 5 values.

When you are working in a career that does not utilize your strengths and goes against what you value, you will not reach your full potential. You may feel tired, bored, incomplete, and depressed. Instead of looking forward to the next task or assignment, you can’t wait for your next lunch break, or you stare at the calender where you marked off your next vacation. No matter what you are being paid to do this work, you will never be fulfilled or completely satisfied with your career choice.

To determine your strengths and values, you must be direct and honest with yourself. Become comfortable with who you are. This comfort level with yourself will translate into an outward showing of healthy pride. This pride will allow you to reach out and strive for once unattainable goals because you are now less worried about rejection. Do not compare yourself to others, be yourself and be proud of who you are.

Overtime, you will gain new strengths and your values may change. This is why it is always god to reevaluate yourself from time to time. By getting reacquainted with yourself you can once again identify your top strengths and values. You may find new ones or solidify the previous ones. Either way, your knowledge about yourself and the confidence you get form it will improve your life and help you make better more informed career choices. These choices will lead you to a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

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