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This Job Search For Older Workers section covers the practical skills required for a contemporary job search:  Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Skills. We offer free resources to help you. We also offer a program that will give you a greater chance of success in getting the job you want.  Age and Age Bias will give you a lot to think about regarding your career.

I’ve been helping older workers with their job search and all aspects of career management for many years.  This category is full of job search for older workers articles I’ve written.  There are also hundreds more written by the employment /recruitment guru who  originally started this site. They are all free and right here for you read.

Boomers Next Step can help you find new work or gain more recognition for the work you currently do. If you would like personalized help contact me and we can discuss your needs.  Or you might like to check out our program, Career Reno, which offers amazing value.


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Networking - One Successful Step for First-Timers at a Mixer

Networking – One Successful Step for First-Timers at a Mixer

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / March 3, 2011

The first networking event (a “Mixer”) that I ever went to was right after I was terminated by a company where I was part of a “big, happy family” in […]

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Careers After 50 – Make Your Age Related Advantages Work For You!

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / February 28, 2011

Finding that right career after 50 may be a struggle but studies have shown that job hunters age 50 and older have found new careers and jobs in record numbers. […]

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Job Hunting After 50 – Move Ahead of the Kids!

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / February 26, 2011

Job hunting after 50-move ahead of the kids and get you job hunting effort back on track. Job hunting after 50 is no picnic. Either you’re unemployed or your current […]

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