Smart Job Hunters Do This

Someone said, “success leaves clues.” So what makes a job hunters successful (because companies are hiring out there)? What are the clues? Well, chances are they are doing one of a combination of the following 6 things.

1. They keep on an open mind.

Finding employment tends to be an moving target. Your search may have begun focusing on New York City, but the job search could lead you to Boston. If the job is ultimately what you want, being open minded about relocating improves your chances.

Likewise, just as your search can take you to unexpected places; your journey may begin from unexpected sources. Emails have a great way of assuming a life of its own. You should start a personal blog on Blogger (or WordPress), create a LinkedIn portfolio, or set up a Facebook profile. Then, set up an link to it as a part of your signature block.

No matter where or to who that email gets sent to; you’re putting your profile (resume) out there for people to see. Great things can happen when you put yourself out there.

2. Preparation is key to success.

Any do it yourselfer knows or learns this quickly: the hard part of anything is preparing for the work. It is taping and marking everything before actually painting the room. It’s time consuming and sometimes tedious. But when you actually begin house painting, the end results come out right.

Your resume, and accompanying cover letters need to be “spot-on.”

The successful job hunters put in the time and effort that this endeavor requires. The old carpenter rule is “measure twice, cut once.” You put in twice the preparation.

3. They do their homework.

The greatest challenge to today’s technology is the temptation to go generic. Or perhaps not the temptation but the ease at which one can put together a nice resume that only needs a tweak here and there before sending it out.

But that’s not good enough.

You must want the job with that particular company enough to do the research, so as to find out what is unique about that company. With the information, you must tailor your presentation to that unique position and company.

4. They convey energy and enthusiasm.

Successful job applicants show they want this job. They are not just looking for employment. It’s not a “I need this job” attitude, rather “I am a great fit for this position, and these are the advantages I bring to you…” attitude.

From the dress, the interactions, the documentation, the timeliness; the successful job applicant conveys confidence and enthusiasm. More than that, it conveys a sense that you appreciate the recruiter’s time, and presents you in a truly professional manner.

5. They assume nothing.

Success job hunters assume nothing and does not look ahead. It’s almost a cliche that the football team that looks ahead the the next game loses the game it plays now. Questions like vacations and benefits are appropriate when the job offer is actually made. There is no jumping the gun.

At the same, as the process continues, the job hunter keeps open and clear lines of communications to avoid misunderstandings and incorrect assumptions.

6. Closing the sale and follow-up makes the difference.

In line with making no assumptions, successful job applicants know that follow-up can be what sets you apart from the competition. That short, innocuous thank you letter and follow-up speaks volumes to your professionalism.

And a part of follow-up is actually asking for the job. You cannot assume anything. I have seen so many inexperience sales professional give a great presentation, then for many reasons, do not ask the buyer to buy. Great presentation, or in this case interview, is just that – a great presentation. Actually asking for the decision is a separate process.

You end by asking for the job, sending a thank you note after you leave, and following up in a professional manner a week or so later.

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