Top 10 Jobs That Make Over 100K

More and even more people are interested in knowing, what are the jobs that make over $100,000! This is an elusive barrier and once you can reach this level, money will be not at all a concern for you. You will find that money draws in even more money!

The Top Jobs

1. Surgeons: Surprised? Well, that’s simply because there is a serious dearth of good surgeons. And more so because in this ‘Cosmo’ age, more people are being diagnosed with complex problems and surgery has gone hi-tech. earlier it was just the skilled hands of a surgeon that could do the work. But now, the surgeon is assisted by a robot – therefore controlling the robot also requires superb technical expertise. No wonder, the average salary of such professionals touch $200,000!

2. Anesthesiologists: The second spot has been taken by the anesthesiologists who are physicians who are extremely well-trained in anesthesiology. That means they are doctors as well as they are excellent in their knowledge of anesthesia and can administer that themselves. Their average salary touches $195,000!

3. Orthodontists: These are people responsible for the treatment of your improper alignment of your teeth and treating defects in jaws if any. They are not dentists though. Surprisingly, they rank above dentists and earn an average of $193,000!

4. Obstetrician and Gynecologists: These are specialist in female healthcare. The first of them usually have a specialty in dealing with pregnant women and women who are new mothers. They draw an annual salary of $192,000!

5. Physicians: Many people confuse physicians with doctors. Though they are doctors too, they mainly are experts in the field of medicine. They are great academicians and get an average annual salary of $165,000!

6. CEOs: These are perhaps the smartest individuals on the planet and are responsible for the well-being of the company they represent and ironically may have more areas of knowledge than the director of the company itself! They rank 6th with an average salary of $160,000.

7. Dentists: It is their ill-luck that they figure on the 7th position whereas orthodontists rank higher than them. They too, command a respectable and envious salary at $155,000.

8. Psychiatrists: Psychiatrists in the list, seems quite strange but their earnings have significantly risen by leaps and bounds over the years. Can we attribute the reason to more people having problems to cope up with stress? They get a great salary of $154,000.

9. Pediatricians: With more young blood in the veins of the new world, pediatricians have a busier and a greater role to play in world development. They have an average salary of $153,300.

10. Engineering Managers: Finally the people who are responsible for giving us the most marvelous engineered buildings that we have ever seen. They figure at the 10th position with earnings of $120,000!

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