Job Search – Marketing your ‘Soft Skills’ – Part I

When conducting a job search, it is natural for us to be focused on our ‘hard skills’ such as computer programs knowledge, confidence with using social networking tools, navigating the Internet, firm portal databases, etc.

All of these skills are a requirement of any job in the corporate world, and are valuable skills to have.

In our current job market, employers are not only looking for appropriate levels of education, certification, and technical skills, but rather soft skills that will immediately ‘engage’ the individual interviewing you.

While a solid and impressive business background and education are certainly valuable and important, your personality and ‘communications style’ is what will get you the job in the end.

You may have noticed that company’s currently recruiting have altered their advertising methods, and post positions asking for much more than they would have pre-recession, such as certification for all administrative personnel, and requests for a ‘BA’ for a Senior Executive Assistant role. A stronger emphasis has also been placed on the importance of a candidate’s ‘soft skills’.

Forgetting about your hard skills and educational background for a minute, consider what’soft skills’ you have to bring to the table in your next position.

Are these skills highlighted within the body of your Capsule Profile and/or Resume? Do your professional references speak to your ability to get along with superiors and co-workers, with effective communications styles?

There is more to cover on this topic which will be presented in Part II of Job Search – Marketing your ‘Soft Skills.’ We will address your ‘transferrable and ‘unique’ personal soft skills’ that will work to your advantage as you continue on your job search journey.

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Jenni Proctor

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