Networking For a 6 Figure Job

If you are unhappy with your current position the time to start networking for new six figure jobs is now. Your job search will be much more effective if you are negotiating from a position of strength – being currently employed as opposed to appearing desperate. People can be turned off and avoid you if you are nagging them about job openings, while if you appear successful in your current position you are someone that employers will be seeking out for their 6 figure job openings.

According to Forbes.com companies only look at your resume for an average of 10 seconds. Despite your efforts this sometimes is not enough to get you to the top of the pile for that new six-figure job. Often it is who you know, not what you know. Networking and getting a referral or being able to name drop to the hiring manager as soon as you walk in the door can even seal the deal on a new six figure job without an interview.

So how do you go about networking for executive jobs or other 6 figure jobs? Some networking can be done online through your social media connections on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Though getting out and meeting people face-to-face and making new connections will open more avenues for your job search. Prior to bringing up business in any conversation, brainstorm and create a brag line that tells people what you do and how good you are. For example: ‘I am a director of operations, specializing in creating new systems for streamlining business operations. I recently saved company ‘x’ six figures by outsourcing the call center operations offshore’. This immediately makes you sound like a pro, justifies a handsome salary and should spike interest for someone to continue the conversation by asking you more. Certainly any high level CEOs within earshot will want to know more about what you can do.

Trade shows, industry conferences and networking events are all popular places for employers to headhunt the top employees of their competitors. Make sure you are there, this is the perfect time to find new 6 figure jobs. There is nothing wrong with dropping hints that you may be interested in offers for jobs with a better salary but they should be the ones to bring it up. Related companies that both you and your company’s competitors do business with are also often a great source for finding out who has available jobs and where you should start your search.

Tim Houghten has been a business owner, HR specialist and executive recruiter for over ten years and now as a consultant and freelancer writer he writes for The Career Advice Column where executives come for job search advice and to find the best sources for $100k plus jobs.

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