New Careers for the Over 50’s

‘Tough times are ahead’ according to our government this week, so what does that really spell for the ordinary folk of this country. Well more doom, gloom, and rising prices. Apparently, all the blame has been placed on the banks but personally, this lies solely with the elected parties involved.

With the so-called promise of new jobs, which I cannot honestly see when announcements over the coming years will actually mean a whopping increase in job losses, is there any light at the end of the tunnel.

New careers for anyone no matter what the age is going to be tough but for people over 50 this is going to be even harder.

What avenues are actually open to the over 50’s?

Maybe re-training but the question is in what?

Because, who is going to pay for it?

Somehow, I think if you want the ideal job then you are going to have to go after it yourself. It’s no good waiting on some job exchange or website to say; hey I have found employment for you.

This could be miles away and for a lot less money.

Then the next problem will be that you are not the only one and a couple of hundred or more were given the same message, so the likely hood of you getting that job is now slim.

Now I know of one particular career where the only set back is in your own ability to deliver. I do not mean mail, but producing the articles and the only person you will be letting down if you don’t deliver is yourself.

How does that sound?

In other words, you are responsible solely for yourself and no one else.

Okay, so you are now thinking what I am on about. It is quite simple really, a career in article marketing where you set your own time constraints and hours of work. No boss telling you what to do, or asking where you have been, just you governing everything.

There is a catch, no catch; you are responsible for your own career development. You are working for yourself that is it writing articles. Writing articles like this one on absolutely any subject you like and either selling them as packs or pre-selling an idea. Another option is to put fifty or more articles together and create your first online

E-book, which again can be sold or given away. I honestly believe that every one of us has a book inside waiting to come out, it’s just that we don’t know how to go about it.

But with the right training this is completely feasible and you could be one of the Over 50’s that gains not only employment but your self-esteem back. For more information please check out my website http://www.go-over.com/jobsforpeopleover50/ By Neil Little.

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