New Resume Tips For Older Workers

Are You An Older Worker Who Needs A New Resume Idea?

Lots of older job seekers are getting very frustrated. As unemployment has spiked, older workers got hit really hard. Some of them have been out of work for several months. Some have been out of work for years. Many complain that they cannot even get their foot in the door to speak to a hiring manager.

Is this all age discrimination, or is some of it based upon the fact that an old resume template can date an older worker? Most of us in the over 50 age group learned to write our resumes decades ago. The format and employer expectations have changed during that time. While we may have done a good job learning new skills and developing our own business experience, we may not have checked up on the latest resume formats!

Resume Ideas For Over 50 Workers

Get some quick tips here. It may pay off to start here, and then do more research on your own. You may even want to invest in a professional resume service if it has been a long time since you have had to hunt for a job. I cannot claim that this is a comprehensive guide to writing a resume.

Forget the 1 page rule. If you have decades of valuable experience and a large skill set, you may need to add more pages. Do not write a novel, but favor adding a second page instead of reducing your one page wonder to a tiny font. or leaving out some key points.

One size does not fit all! In the old days, we could produce one resume, copy it, and send it out to dozens of employers. These days, it pays to modify a resume to highlight the skills and experience that will help you get a particular job. This advice also applies to your cover letter.

What can you do for me? We used to have a statement of our goals in the heading of our resumes. We might say something about our vision of a perfect job. Employers, these days, are more interested in their vision of a perfect employee. You can research the company, and decide if you want to work for the employer. But please replace this personal goals statement with a statement about how you are a good fit for the job you want to get!

Do some trimming. If you are looking for a high technology job, your new employer may not be interested in your FORTRAN or COBOL skills from the 1980s. Of course, if the employer has legacy systems to support, this may be a big interest to them. This goes back to the point about developing unique resumes for each job you want to apply for. You may leave out some older skills, or just add a line about having “legacy” skills you could discuss in an interview. The important thing will be to focus on the skills and experience that the employer asks for on the job request so you can get that first interview.

Are You An Older Worker Who Needs A new Job?

Get some tips on developing an older workers resume that can give you a new start! Get more advice at Over 50 Jobs.

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