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Jobs for older workers are available. You just have to use the right strategies!  Don’t believe the media when they tell you that is impossible.

I have been helping older workers with their careers and employment for many years.  Therefore I hope that the employment category of Boomers Next Step will help many readers.

We can help you find new work, change careers or gain more recognition for the work you currently do.  Visit our Job Search section which includes all aspects of a contemporary job search  – Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Skills.  Don’t overlook the importance of Networking, a key strategy in finding jobs for older workers.

Download our free resources or consider Career Reno, which will give you the momentum to renovate your career.  It’s a great way to improve your chance of success to get the job you want.

Don’t believe that old myth of everyone hanging out for the day they can retire!  Many of us actually enjoy the work we do and want to keep doing it.  Others would like to keep working but want to do something different and don’t know how to do this.

You may be surprised at the number of retirees who choose to return to work in a full or part time capacity to boost their retirement savings or because the quieter retirement life is not all they expected.  Contact me for personal career help.

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Coaching for Boomers

By Bill / December 6, 2009

It seems the aspirations of baby boomers are changing from ones of retirement, to those of entrepreneurship. Over the past decade, Americans age 55 to 64 have seen the highest […]

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Negative Stereotypes Facing Older Workers

By Bill / December 2, 2009

Despite legislation prohibiting it, age is a common factor in hiring decisions. This is especially true for older workers who must combat a number of negative stereotypes, specifically that they […]

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Job Search Rip Offs – How to Avoid Them!

By Bill / December 1, 2009

How can you get help with your job search yet steer clear of services that over-promise, overcharge and under deliver? The New York Times and other major publications have reported […]

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Best Jobs For Over 50s – Finding a Job Online

By Bill / December 1, 2009

If You Are Over 50 What are the best jobs for over 50s who are not happy with their present situation or who have been made redundant? Previously, most people […]

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Too Young to Retire, Too Old to Hire

By Bill / December 1, 2009

The 21st Century was supposed to usher in a wave of retiring Baby Boomers who would live off the spoils of their retirement funds traveling to sunny destinations, playing golf […]

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Resume help for Boomers

By Bill / December 1, 2009

The most common concern among job seekers over 50 is that their resume tends to date them. While it’s true that with age comes wisdom, it’s also true that securing […]

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