Preparing for a career shift

Why would you make a career shift?

There is a reason for every career decision we make in our lives. It is very unlikely for someone to make decisions Career Shift that will create major changes in their life without valid reasons. Usually a major career shift is motivated by one of four reasons:

▪   Dissatisfaction with current career

▪   The need for a larger income to finance present living expenses

▪   Financial freedom in preparation for retirement

▪   The excitement of trying out new things

For some people, adjusting to a new career can be daunting at any age, let alone their fifties or sixties. Although they want change it takes courage and determination to upturn your life to seek a new job.  With the need to undertake a job search, the issue of ageism in the workforce, real or imagined, emerges with concerns of being too old or overlooked in favour of younger candidates.  For many people this is overwhelming and stops them from making a career shift.

Could you start your own business?

Most people are hesitant to risk their stable job for something they are uncertain about, yet many crave the challenge of leaving their past career behind and starting their own business.  This can be a satisfying option for some, but it is important to approach starting a new business with great caution.

▪   Be financially ready. Make sure that you have more than enough initial monetary investment for your business. Make sure also that you have enough money to support you over the first few months of your business.

▪   Be realistic. Set business goals and financial plans that are doable and are possible to achieve.

▪   Start your research. Consider the risk factors and benefits of the type of business that you want to start.

▪   Explore the possibilities and make some changes when necessary. Do not be afraid to do things that are new to you.

▪   Explore the opportunities available for you online. The internet is a very powerful tool. Doing business online is very cost-effective and requires low financial investment.

▪   Get the assistance of an established career coach. A career coach can help you make wise decisions in determining if the business is a good fit for you.  You also need to find someone who is capable of providing you extensive training in internet business and important tools to help you succeed in your business. Seeking the help of an online marketing coach will help lessen the risks that come with starting a new business.  It is an absolute bonus if you can find someone who can help you make the wise career change and also assist you to learn about internet business.

When you are well prepared for your new career venture, the changes associated with it will be easier to handle and will result in greater income. What some people consider to be a midlife crisis can be the best decision you will ever make in your professional life!




Jenni Proctor

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