3 Resume Distribution Secrets No One Is Talking About

There are a lot of different tactics and techniques that are discussed in conjunction with resume distribution. The problem is that most people spend so much time promoting resume distribution as a concept and as a service that they never discuss what you can do to really make your resume distribution efforts successful Here are 3 resume distribution secrets that no one is talking about – they what, why, and how of effective resume distribution.

1. Stay Alert to Stagnation One of the biggest problems that most people have is that they will distribute their resumes either manually or through a service and then sit back and wait for results. The job market is competitive and sitting back and waiting for results should never be considered an option. There are two different types of stagnation that can occur. The first is the distribution process. The problem is that once people distribute their resume, they feel like they have done their part. It is important to understand that distributing your resume is a continual, fluid process. Even though employers say that they will keep your resume on file, that doesn’t mean that they will ever actually look at it for future positions. Always keep submitting your resume, even if it is to the same places. The second type of stagnation is with the resume itself. If you are continually distributing your resume without results, then it is important to continually tweak your resume until you find what works. The workplace is always changing and your resume needs to change with it.

2. Personalize Your Resume the Right Way When you are using a distribution service or trying to mass distribute your resume yourself, it can be difficult to personalize each resume. Fortunately, if you construct your resume correctly, small changes can be enough to make it appear personalized. The key is to create a modular resume. This means that each resume will have the same information, but how the information is presented will change as needed. This will allow you to highlight the most important skills for each job opportunity. The same technique should be used for your cover letter. A personalized cover letter an go a long way in making your entire package feel personalized. For example, you can have a standard introduction and conclusion paragraph, but the second paragraph should be unique. While this doesn’t mean that you need to recreate the second paragraph every time, you should at least have a unique a second paragraph on a per industry or per job type basis.

3. Leveraging the Power of Others People always say that you need to network in order to get an advantage when searching for new job opportunity, and it definitely does help. Unfortunately, not everyone has a network available to them either because they have never had the opportunity to build a network or simply don’t have the interpersonal skills to build/maintain one. If you don’t have a network to rely on, then you need to find a handful of people that you can leverage. Recruiters a great because their job is to find people like you a job. By creating a real relationship with a handful of recruiters, they will keep you in mind when they hear about positions that fit your skill set. Even a quick email on a weekly basis is a great way to start building this type of relationship.

By Jason Kay. These 3 resume distribution secrets can go a long way in landing you the job that you want. However, it is important to maintain consistency in your actions because getting a job can be harder than the job itself.

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