3 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Have To Get Up Again For Work on Some Cold Winter Morning

You get one chance to make a first impression. You can always use that fact of life to ensure you won’t have to fret about getting up for work some cold winter morning again. Let’s look at just 3 ways to make sure that becomes your reality.

1. First off, just make sure your resume is all about you. Make it clear to any prospective employer the things they will need to do for you to make it worth your while to even consider pondering some semi-pathetic offer they may have in mind. You know exactly what you are worth. They need to understand you will not consider taking anything less. (Keep in mind, “Ask not what you can do for some company, but what can some company do for you.”).

Highlight your salary demands, preferably somewhere in the first couple of lines of your cover letter to make it the most effective. If you don’t really want to bother with a cover letter (“what’s a cover letter?”) then get in the first couple of lines of your new resume. Make it perfectly clear your salary demands are most likely non-negotiable. If they can’t see the value of hiring you, you know you will find someone who will sooner or later.

2. One of the easiest ways would be to find some standard resume templates, free if at all possible, so you can save even more money. Follow some standard instructions on how some supposed ‘expert’ suggests you fill them out following some ineffectual, outdated format.

Always accent your education and past work experiences, yet remain as vague as possible, especially when listing past job references. If you ever worked for a cantankerous boss, make sure you highlight that so the prospective employer understands right from the get-go you are a ‘no-bull’ kind of prospect. You are not afraid to call them as you see them. Besides, no one is expected to put up with that kind of stuff, are they?

It is not really necessary for anyone that you used to work for to be bothered before you are even are considered for a position. Use that great catch-all phrase, “Will supply contact information upon request.” Include that in any request for “References.” Just put in a name and how they know you, or better yet, leave it out entirely.

It is not really necessary to worry about listing all that technical equipment you may have experience with. Everybody knows how to use word processing software and office suites and all that other stuff that comes from doing some lame job. Keep it simple, short and sweet, and provide just the facts, please. This is where someone might suggest you find some keywords and use them to get through the first filtering of submitted resumes. Way to much trouble.

3. The best way to almost guarantee that you don’t even have to worry about getting your suit pressed and a hair cut before trudging down for some time-wasting interview is to consider using a professional resume writing service.

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