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Think Creatively About Your Resume!

In this online world sometimes you just have to think differently.  And when you are an older worker trying to find a job you definitely have to stand out from the crowd. So, here’s a fantastic way to get yourself noticed!

I’ve long been a fan of Slideshare and the great information they share on their blog, and I particularly like the concepts behind these two blog posts.

They suggest that if you want to make people aware of what you have to offer then you should consider doing so in a creative entertaining informative way. Using the power of a presentation on Slideshare enables you to put a link on your LinkedIn profile and even make the link available to prospective employers, clients and colleagues.

How to Create a Visual Resume

How to Create a Visual Resume

How To Present And Sell Yourself Online gives you 6 basic tips about self awareness and self-marketing.  They serve as a good reminder that no matter what medium you use to self-promote, you have to cover the basics first.

4 Steps To Creating A Visual Resume That Stands Out interestingly shares 6 steps!

  • Make the first slide count – Get their attention or they won’t be interested.
  • Brand yourself – Colours, photos and typography all tell a story
  • Transparency matters – Be true to who you really are
  • Be expected – The viewer will expect to learn about what you have done
  • Be unexpected – Include some creativity
  • Ask for it – Be clear about what you want the viewer to do.

It also links to a number of visual resumes, which give you a clear idea of how to set up your own visual resume.

I don’t advocate creating a visual resume and sending it off to a prospective employer in place of a traditional application process.

Try it! I’ll be very interested to hear about the response, but I suggest that it might only be successful in a fairly creative visual Gen Y kind of work environment.

How could you use a Visual Resume?

What could you use this for?

I think it has great potential if you are an experienced older worker seeking work but not finding the sort of jobs you want.  This could be particularly good if you want freelance or contract work, or if you want to be noticed in a particular niche.

I’m going to try this strategy as a marketing tactic to expand my profile in the baby boomers marketplace online. If you create a visual resume share a link to it here, so we can help one another get the formula just right to gain the results we are seeking.

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