Five Easy Ways To Get Your Resume Back Onto One Page

Does your resume “bleed” onto two pages (or three pages) and you can’t quite figure out how to eliminate those few extra lines to bring it back onto one page? There are several tricks to get rid of wasted space and make your resume appear more sharp and concise (and more likely to be read).

1. Minimize the contact information. You don’t need to list your address, three phone numbers, your fax, and an email address. Now that almost everyone has an email and cell phone, there is no need to bombard employers with so many ways to reach you. Employers want one to two simple ways to get a hold of you. You can even get away with the following:

Ed Smith New York, NY 212.555.5555 emailaddress

2. Bring “danglers” up to the previous line (by that, I mean any line that only contains one to three words). Edit down your content by removing unnecessary words (e.g. “very” and “that” are often arbitrary and waste space) to bring that line up.

3. Reduce your margins. It is acceptable to set your margins as low as.5 inches, and your resume will still be scannable (most large companies scan in resumes received). This will help to minimize “dead space” on your resume. However, be sure to change your tabs to match up with the margins.

4. Reduce your font size. For a hiring manager, receiving a resume with 12-point font or larger says “I don’t have much to say, so I’ll just make my words bigger to fill space”. An 11-point font is easiest to read and is most aesthetically pleasing. This small change will make a big difference!

5. Remove “References available upon request” or even “Addendum available upon request”. These statements go without saying these days.

Your resume is one of the most important documents you will have in your professional life, so it is important that you pay attention to every detail to make it a perfect representation of you. This includes using every trick in the book to present your resume as succinct and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Cathy Eng is a Certified Advanced Resume Writer and owner of Resume Rocketeer, Inc. She specializes in helping clients leverage skills and experience to create a powerful, effective resume and cover letter. Visit http://www.resumerocketeer.com for a free resume analysis.

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