Four Reasons Not To Use An Executive Resume Service

Generally speaking, a career change can be an extremely challenging and testing period in an executive’s personal and professional life. It can result in many uncomfortable situations where perspective of what is really important can be lost. You lose the proverbial forest from the trees.

It’s in times like these you may be considering an executive resume service in an attempt to purchase a document that will land you a job. It’s best not to jump into just any job without carefully considering the best path to a successful outcome, and this may not mean utilizing a paid resource to craft your executive resume. The following outlines four reasons why it is in your benefit to write your own executive resume:

1.) Preparation Cost: Purchasing an executive resume package through an online company could cost between a few hundred dollars and upwards of a few thousand depending on the package selected. While we are talking about your resume for an executive position, the result may not be as on point as you would like. Secondly, you need to question if someone else can truly deliver the best possible product on your behalf.

2.) One Size Fits All: This kind of executive resume with preloaded templates and the one size fits all is not the kind of professional and executive document that will land you the interviews and opportunities you’re seeking. To produce a proper executive resume, the executive resume service company will need to complete major research on all the companies you’re applying with as well as all the companies you worked for previously. This level of detail will not be provided with such services as it is too expensive.

3.) Maintain Your Personality and Voice: Your executive resume is like a sales brochure and needs to do a darn good job selling you, your skills, and what you have to offer for another company. The resume needs to sound like it came from you in your voice. As a successful executive, use your expert communication style to your advantage which no outside company can mimic.

4.) Your Executive Value: It is critical in this level of interviews and jobs to convey a great sense of value to your prospective employer. In order to accomplish this, you need to prepare an executive resume which heightens your self worth and value to an organization, conveying an overwhelming confidence without being too boastful or arrogant. This is a difficult personal element for a consulting company to duplicate.

Every executive candidate must make their own decision to write their own resume or hire out. With the professional tools and information available, the self directed approach seems to always give better return on investment.

Jessica Peloski is an executive for a major National Corporation and writes articles on the benefits of the executive resume service companies. For more information, please visit http://www.executiveresumesecrets.com/executive-resume-service


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