Information Interviews – Resume Editing & Following Up

1. In preparing your follow up to information interviews, you will need the notes taken at the time of the information meeting, and a copy of your resume’. Consulting the notes from the interview, you will edit your resume to correspond with the job requirements.Now you have learned two things: First, that an information interview is invaluable for your job search. And second that your resume should always be an editable document. A form resume’ for all job openings is not a successful tool. A resume should always have stated qualifications and/or experience that will fit a particular or related position.

2. For editing your resume’, start at the beginning: Following the notes from the information interview, revise your objective to fit a position needed at the Target Company. For example: A position as a veterinary technician. In other words, be specific. Vague statements do not tell the employer exactly what you are seeking to do and in that case, your resume will most likely be rejected. Keep in mind that yours will not be the only resume evaluated. You must capture attention at the beginning.

3. Rearrange Skills in an order that immediately brings attention to qualifications for the position stated as your objective. Delete unrelated skills unless they could be interpreted to be helpful. Emphasize experience that fits the position of your interest. Minimize unrelated experience.

4. Job History should not be a biography. Past jobs that can relate to the one you are seeking should be listed first, no matter the dates of employment. Do not list employment that dates prior to the last seven years, unless you were in one position for that length of time or longer. Recent employment is the most relevant.

5. Unless you have continued your education since your resume’ was last composed, there is no change to be made and likewise for extracurricular accomplishments.

6. Now that your resume is properly edited, it is time to compose a thank you note to the prospective employer Thank you notes are always appreciated and if the composition shows that you were paying attention during the information interview, so much the better. You will want to thank the employer for his/her time and offer the compliment of saying the meeting was (quite, very) informative, or a variation of that statement. You will want to show your credibility by mentioning one or two important points the employer made during the meeting. Employers want employees who pay attention. You have just proved that you do. Finally, be sure to state that you are enclosing your resume and hope to meet with the employer again in the near future.

7. Place your thank you note and resume’ in a large envelope where the resume will not be folded. Always include the employers title in the address. Deliver the package by hand to the employer within one or two days after the meeting.

By following these steps you are showing professional courtesy and due diligence. Two very important factors in getting ahead of the competition.

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