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A video resume is a brief account of a job applicant’s professional experience, qualifications and interests, stored up and submitted to a prospective employer in a form of a video. A candidate can customize his video according to the job opening through simple edits on a computer. A video resume has many benefits over paper resume because it allows a potential employee to demonstrate his public speaking, inter-personal, creative or technical skills and confidence. Your video resume is such an asset which can separate you from everyone else that’s applying for the same job you are.

When you prepare your video resume, it is very important to use an appropriate introduction and closing for the recording as this is what represents your effort and commitment in getting the job. Your introduction should be short and sweet, explaining who you are and the purpose and format for the video. Your closing should provide a very specific next step for the employer to follow in making direct contact with you.

Video resumes are growing in popularity and people are now making more use of video resume in place of paper resume. Therefore one should learn to record a perfect resume and maintain a serious professional attitude. However many candidates fail to record their resumes as per the requirement and are unable to impress their prospective employer.

The common mistakes many candidates end up making is that they try to present themselves in a humorous and unconventional way which portrays immature and unprofessional side of them. This is not what an employer is looking for and thus moves on to the next resumes.

Many candidates make a mistake of adding too much of their personal views which is not needed. When a candidate shows greediness for money by narrating his personal stories and financial problems, an employer becomes reluctant to choose you because he ends up believing that money is all that you want and you will not show much sincerity to your task.

However many candidates do not put enough of themselves into their video resume by just attempting to appear professional. Many candidates maintain a static and flat tone, somewhat disinterested affect throughout the entire resume. This is not the right approach as the employer will only become bored after watching this and a candidate does not want this. He should work on his communication skills to attract an employer’s attention.

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