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Traditional Resume Are Worthless

By Bill / January 11, 2010

In almost 30 years as an executive recruiter, I have looked at at over 100,000 resumes and through our candidate university coached/instructed hundreds of candidates with their job search. One […]

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How to Keep Your Age a Secret in an Executive Resume

By Bill / January 1, 2010

When you’re looking for an executive level job, chances are good that you’ve been working at your career for quite some time. As you know, when competing for work, especially […]

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Resumes For Boomers

By Bill / December 28, 2009

You’re well established in your career and can bring years of experience to any company lucky enough to hire you. So why do older workers often have trouble landing a […]

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Resume help for Boomers

By Bill / December 1, 2009

The most common concern among job seekers over 50 is that their resume tends to date them. While it’s true that with age comes wisdom, it’s also true that securing […]

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