Well-written resumes are your doorway to an interview. Don’t miss an opportunity to get the job you want! Your resume must reflect your achievements and potential contribution in a positive way. You need it to get past the gatekeeper and get them interested enough to invite you to an interview.

The ‘Gatekeeper’ Has Power!

The main goal of your résumé is get you an interview. The ‘gatekeeper’ (the person who goes through the resumes initially) will recommend a number of applications. Then it often happens that someone else will look at the résumés of those still being considered and will choose those he or she thinks should be interviewed.

In larger companies the ‘gatekeeper’ is often scanning software that is looking for keywords (included in the position description).  The problem is that the computer can reject your application for reasons other than its content.  Keep your layout simple to avoid this problem.  Never use online templates for resumes.

Your Marketing Campaign

Your resume and cover letter (and sometimes your LinkedIn profile) are your entire marketing campaign! You are judged by the way you have presented yourself. Unless someone has recommended you, your chance of having an interview is not based on how nice you are as a person or even how good you are in your work role.

The length of an ideal résumé differs between countries.  In some countries one page is appropriate whilst in Australia a résumé is usually two to three pages.

Your resume needs to show you to the best possible advantage, so use the keywords the recruiter or company is looking for and outline your achievements clearly.

Read our blog posts for job search help.

Read our many blog posts about how to write a good resume.  Even resumes go through different trends. Don’t submit a resume that gives the impression you are old and out of date. Find out how best to shine the light on what you have to offer.

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