Resume Writing Tip – Aligning Your Resume With the Job Post Improves Your Chances

Resumes are one of those things that sit on the shelf and get dusty until you need them. Then, when you need them, you need them immediately! One of the most effective ways to update and improve your resume is to make sure your resume is aligned with each particular job post you respond to. This resume writing tip sounds elementary; yet is repeatedly glossed over.

Recent work with an “in transition” Human Resources Generalist provides the perfect example. Her resume and subsequent highlighted accomplishments, skills and abilities were remarkable. However, a keys component of the job description was an ability to recruit as well as develop a specific process for on-boarding at the call center.

Only after careful and repeated reading was it obvious she had this skill. It had been tucked in with every other KSA she had. So, one way we bettered her resume was by going line by line through the job post looking for these opportunities. We combed the job announcement identifying areas where she could better align her skills with the specific requirements of the job. Using this resume writing tip underscores particular successes the potential employer is seeking.

Another component to this resume writing tip is to demonstrate achievements through metrics. When writing your resume, consider what your audience wants and how you have been successful. For example, our HR Generalist has implemented policies resulting in a reduction in turnover at the call center. It moved from 80% to 65%. This 15% reduction can be translated into physical savings for the company,

In this age of computers we try to do some much on the screen. Use of this resume writing tip does not lend itself to this tactic. For greater effectiveness; print it, make notes on it, draw and scribble and highlight all over it. Having an actual copy of the post as you adjust your resume makes it somehow more familiar. Focus on specific key phrases required for successful job performance. Tie these to your skills, bringing focus to how you are a qualified candidate for this position.

Remember, you have a very narrow window for making a favorable impression. Don’t make them hunt for or expect they will decipher the information. Incorporating the job post resume alignment resume writing tip will give an advantage in earning the interview.

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