Tips On Successful Resume Writing

Tips On Successful Resume Writing

Resume Writing Tips

Successful resume writing is a skill that can be developed. Think of the first page of your résumé as being like a billboard outside a shop. Does it catch your eye? Or does it provide you with all the information you want to know? Or maybe, does it have a statement that catches your eye?  Who is the employer looking for? You create your first page in direct response to the employer’s wish list. Then show them that you are that person through your achievements and

If your resume does not target the job being advertised someone else’s will and you won’t get the job. Your resume has to be specific and stand out from other resumes in its conte.  So let’s take this a step at a time. Let’s assume the job requirements mention the duties, the experience required and the responsibilities.

Successful resume writingSuccessful resume writing requires that you must hit those targets clearly, succinctly and immediately. Not on page 3, not in verbose language and not in a layout that makes it hard to read.  Your targets must be hit from Page 1, with the rest of the resume acting as backup!

Your perfect resume will consist of more than one page but work on a strategy that the first page will be sufficient in itself. Try and put enough information on the first page that will tell the reader all they need to know to offer you an interview. It’s an exercise in being concise. Look upon it as a work of art. Re-work it several times so that your first page is a business card, your entree into the interview room.

Another tip when you are unsure of relevant experience is to first tell them about all your achievements and competencies which are relevant to the job and then about your other experiences which could well help you perform the task anyway. These are called transferable skills, skills you have acquired over the years, which have value and which you can transfer to your new job when you land it.

One recent survey carried out by resume experts found that over 90% of resumes often use general terms and do not ‘fit’ the job in question. There is no excuse for falling into this trap!

Always tailor your successful resume writing precisely to the job being advertised and review it many times before sending it to a prospective employer.

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