What is the Importance of Two Resumes and a Cover Letter When Applying For a Position?

Most people who are searching for employment whether a new job or one for career advancement believe there is one type of resume along with a cover letter. However that is not true and let me explain further. Once you find a job that you are interested in you should first research the job, find out as much information that you can about the requirements and then customize your resumes and introductory letter.

In the business environment of today many people are applying for the same position and you must present yourself first with a resume to get the privilege of a personal interview. Since there is a screening process by Human Resources to cut through a lot of the resume hype you need two resumes types and one cover letter.

The cover letter briefly introduces yourself and gives background information allowing the human resource person know that you have certain skills related to the position. It should also contain information that makes the person aware you have done research on the position. Your failure to do proper research will show up in your introductory letter and cause it to be discarded along with your resume. Remember the screening person will have hundreds of cover letters and resumes in front of them before reading them and considering anyone for an interview. That is the reason you must provide the company you are applying at a concise introductory letter with points that stand out and catch the attention of the screener so as to read your resume.

This is the first step in the process getting someone to read your resume. Most people do not receive this opportunity because they do not understand the importance of an introductory letter or the research and planning in writing one. Because you have done your research the human resource person is going to read your resume.

The resume is the second hurdle in the process of being granted an interview. You have done research in regards to the position and now can cut and add where required to customize your resumes in accordance with the position. I said resumes because you require two. You need a concise one page resume, two if you must. Remember the human resource person is looking at hundreds of resumes and trained to scan the material quickly looking for points pertinent to the position. They have little time and three and four page resumes even if the cover letter was appropriate will be eliminated. That is why a one page resume designed only for the job at hand will get you an interview or a request for more information.

For more senior jobs and where companies require a more detailed examination you need a second resume. The second type of resume will be a two to three page document that includes not only your education, work history and accomplishments, but a little more information related to the job you covet that allows an interviewer more knowledge and ask questions they may have. You have done your research are getting an interview, or are advancing further in the interview process. You have accomplished this through a plan and process made up of a professional introductory letter and two types of resumes. You may never need the second resume but is very important in your preparation.

By Peter K Thornton. If You Want Help Preparing and Sending a Resume Please Visit http://www.resumeinfo.net


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