What Not To Write In Your Resume

Too often we focus on what skill sets or achievements should be included in a resume and forget that we should also take a look at what not to include in a resume. A good resume must be different, but it should not be overboard and knock you out of a chance for an interview.

4 Things Not To Do With Your Resume

• Do not turn in an unreadable or messy resume. Submitting a resume that is unreadable is completely worthless. An employer will not give you an interview if your resume is unrecognizable. Before you submit your resume ensure that you have kept the document neat and simple. You want your resume handed in as legible and professional as possible.

• Do not include topics that you hated about your last position. If you include topics and discussions that you hated about your current or last position your resume will come across as very negative which will not get you an interview. If you are already complaining in your resume then the reviewing manager will automatically think that you will be a bad influence to your other co-workers.

• Do not use words or phrases that may seem too technical or words that are so big that they do not make sense. As this may seem somewhat overkill. If you start using phrases or words in your resume that have an unclear meaning or make no sense, your resume will be portrayed as very unprofessional.

• Do not be too specific with a certain topic so that your resume does not become boring. By dwelling on one specific topic within the resume it will make the reader not want to read the remaining portion of your resume and will not remember you for an interview. Always keep your thoughts focused and to the point so the employer will get to read about your entire skill set.

By always researching what to include in your resume it is easy to overlook what not to include in your resume. Before writing a resume you want to research topics to include and what you should not include. By having a good overall understanding of how a resume should read you will have a positive feeling after it is submitted.

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