Why Invest in a Professionally Written Resume?

Why invest in a professionally written resume?

In a perfect world, interview candidates would be selected based on their strength and experiences. In reality, this isn’t how the process works. Typically, a recruiter chooses the short list of candidates from a pile of resumes. The trick is to be on the short list.

The Rise of the Machines!

Don’t assume your resume will be read just because you sent it through. Resume tracking software used by HR departments is a unique technology. This filtering system allows HR recruiters to set certain keyword parameters, about 30,000 keywords in all, to find the most qualified candidates for their searches. A great way to pass this first test is to partner with a Certified Professional Resume Writer who is trained on how to effectively keyword optimize your resume. Without it, your resume may never be seen by a human.

The Human Eye!

You made it. Your resume is finally in the hands of a human. Better make sure the next 10 seconds matter. Yep, you guessed it; candidates are selected or discarded in about 10 seconds. If your resume doesn’t capture the recruiter’s attention immediately, all of your years of hard work and education are wasted.

It has always been my belief that resumes get chosen, not candidates. To make matters worse, most people struggle to put themselves down on paper effectively. That’s where certified writers flourish. Resume writers are experts in presenting professionals in a concise and meaningful way. Countless studies have proven that professionally written resumes get more interviews, and, if it shortens your job search by even one day, a professional resume will pay for itself.

Hiring managers need to eat!

Bam – just like that it’s down to 3 candidates. Awesome! You better make sure you have given the hiring manager something they can sink their teeth into.

One of the most important elements to a winning resume is its ability to provide value. There is no better value, at least for hiring managers, than quantifiable key achievements. This may be the single most important reason to invest in a professionally written resume. This is also what separates you from the competition.

Examples of well-written key achievements:
– Successfully avoided client service level agreement (SLA) penalties of $100K by implementing and executing configuration management and quality assurance processes that resulted in the highest level (99-100%) audit score ratings.
– Substantially increased overall customer service by 35% through a 100% delivery on commitments and by proactively solving the customer’s business issues instead of merely delivering on a project.
– Oversaw an $800M budget that included development, management, adjustments, and management presentation. Year-end closed with less than 2% variance.

What does your resume say about you?

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