Your Resume Should Look Like a Marketing Brochure – Five Tips to Improve Yours

Why should your resume look like a marketing brochure?

Recruiting, like many other things in life, is a selling process. In this case, the hiring organisation is the buyer and You are the Seller and the product at the same time

So, let’s see how to optimize your most powerful marketing tool called Resume

TIP 1: Capture your reader’s attention in the first page of your resume

Have you received any advertising flyer this week? Ok, tell me one thing: how long did it take you to decide whether you would keep it or through it away. I bet that no more than 10 second, am I wrong?

Well, this is exactly what happens when a recruiter must select candidates for an interview after receiving hundreds of resumes.

To impress him and catch his attention, you must definitely include this powerful information in the very first page of your resume

Career objective or summary


Main achievements (supporting your qualifications)

TIP 2: Focus on your transferable skills, not in details

Good resumes do not contain too much detail. The real goal here is to sell your proposal to the reader in order to obtain a job interview.

It is during the interview that your will provide all necessary details about your resume information

TIP 3: Aspect is Very Important!

As a marketing brochure, your resume must be visually attractive to readers, so:

Use a laser printer to ensure quality

Use a clean, structured format, and standard legible fonts (from 10 to 12 points).

Be generous with spaces and margins

TIP 4: Send Your Resume with a Good Cover Letter

Here’s a question that many people frequently ask: Should I send a Cover Letter with my Resume?

And the answer is ‘Yes’. Why?

Because a Cover Letter plays an important role in all this selling process: It is Your First Sales Pitch

It is also an invitation to read your resume and a proposal for further action

TIP 5: Adjust your language

Talk the company’s language! And show them that you are a perfect fit for the open position and the whole organisation.

By taking a quick look at the job ad, the company’s web site and other communications you will learn a lot about their jargon, mission, culture, values, etc. Use this precious information to ‘season’ your resume.

Remember, even good meals normally need a bit of salt and pepper to taste great, right?

Summary: Your resume is your most powerful selling tool. By making it look like a Marketing Brochure, you will dramatically improve your chances of getting a job interview, which is your first goal every time you apply for a job

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