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Your career is an incredibly important thing, and when you get a sweet opportunity to further or advance it in a serious way, it deserves some serious and careful consideration, pretty much no matter what the situation might entail. Not all dream jobs require that you give up something serious or significant in order to work them, but when a serious sacrifice is going to have to be made, there is a lot to consider and think about. The place where you live is an especially sensitive issue, no matter who you are. The city in which we live is the place where we conduct our lives — we have our friends, families, and favorite places where we live, and figuring out a new place to have all these things can be taxing, and not always worth the effort if you wind up doing it for a job that doesn’t ultimately satisfy or fulfill you in the ways that you had hoped. Nevertheless, situations where a dream job requires relocation pop up from time to time, and when you’re faced with this kind of situation it can be helpful to have an idea of the things you should be thinking about on your way to your decision. We’ll talk about some of the stuff you should consider most heavily when you’re figuring out whether or not a new job is worth it to completely change your living situation.

If you’ve already moved away from your childhood home, this decision might actually be a whole lot less difficult. When you live near or with your family, making the call to leave them behind can be a really tough one to make. On the other hand, if you’ve relocated for college and begun your career in an area away from your family since then, you might not feel too much holding you back when the opportunity to move away arises. Our parents, closest friends, and family can be like anchors for us in our lives, and keeping them around is often a smart decision for when things go rough.

Whether or not you can sell your house for a good price is another great way to determine whether or not it’s worth it. You can sell your house with my online estate agent or use a similar tool, but whatever you do it’s important that you spend enough time analyzing the market and making sure it’s a smart enough time for you to sell and try to establish yourself in a new place.

Obviously, the most important question is whether or not you will be compensated enough to justify your move. If you’re just not going to make as much money at your new job, just don’t do it. However, if a slight pay cut is worth it for a change of scenery, you might be glad you made the jump. Really, it boils down to your specific situation, but with these ideas in mind you might have an easier time thinking about whether or not a move is in the cards for you.


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