Solving The Over Qualified Job Hunting Problem!

If you are over qualified for a position how do you solve the problem?

You’ve been looking for a job for several months. You’ve had several interviews but you get the feeling you are being passed over because the employers view you as being Over Qualified for the position.

It’s a feeling shared by many well qualified job hunters. If the prospective employer is concerned that in a short period of time you’ll become bored and leave as soon as something better is available, or you qualifications would over shadow your boss and cause conflicts they will pass on you and hire someone else.

If the over qualified issue comes up in the job interview or you are applying for a job that requires three years experience and you have twenty you strategy in dealing with the issue could be as follows:

If the interviewer mentions that you might be over qualified don’t argue with them. Agree and remind them you bring a high level of skills and qualifications to the position. And that you are clearly qualified for the job, and list your top two or three strength you bring to the position.

Next, indicate your high level of interest in the job opportunity and explain why it’s the right position for you at the present time. (You’ve always enjoyed the challenges of the job, the job is close to your home and you’re tired of the long commute, the job allows you to work in a new industry, the job is a better fit for your skills, etc…) And now ask them a question.

“I hope that makes sense?” Now wait for their response. If they agree you might back it up with an example of your hiring someone over qualified and how well it turned out.

If the overqualified issue does not come up in the interview, you’ll normally be given an opportunity to sum up the interview.

At the close of the interview you might say, “Some may look at my qualifications and conclude I’m over qualified for the position. It’s true my strengths (then list 2-3 of the top qualifications for the job) qualify me for the job. I’m very interested in the position, I know my boss might be younger than I am but I’ve worked with other managers younger than I am without a conflict or problem. The job will allow me to leverage my skills (list the skills) and that challenge is important to me and gives me an opportunity to provide a great benefit to (name employer).”

Practice your close. Make it as natural and positive as possible. With this strategy you’ll go a long way to overcoming possible objections and concerns that you are over qualified for the position.

John Groth has changed careers seven times during his working life. Learn more about changing careers and job hunting tips at http://careersafter50.com. Discover how others over age 50, built winning career plans and found the right careers by career planning after 50.

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