Starting Over at Fifty Doesn’t Have to Be This Scary

At 50 years, I am starting over on a new career path.

It’s not too late. Not at all. You see, fearlessness is a perspective that the young do not have a monopoly on. The “No Fear” decal that appeared on back windows of trucks a few years back, I shrugged off… until now.

“No Fear” fits easier the with the “X-Games” generation than the with the “Wide World of Sports” generation.

Nevertheless, I find myself now in a unsettled place, an economy, a job market, where movement is a must. Staying put means a declining real income as inflation edges upward. Gradually, being jobbed-out by young executives, carrying bigger debts at home, living more expensively with no new extravagances, it is like entering a haunted house and losing the way out.

It is scarier to “stay put” than to peer into unknown rooms. Something different, something new, something expansive. A second career.

At fifty, the key to removing the fear of starting over in pursuit of a new career translates into, literally, trying an online opportunity. Online, I am free to continue to grow as a professional, yet able to market my unique skillset in the world. Online Branding. Online Marketing. Online Anything, really.

If I were to pursue a new career, a new job that is really trading a specific number of my breathing hours per day for a specific dollar amount in a paycheck, then, yeah, I would be hard pressed to start over. Picture me leaning back, holding my hands upside down, behing my back and wincing the words, “Ouch!”

My breathing is shorter these days, my stamina less. You, too? Over 50? Well, listen, ever since I joined the 50+ Club, I pushed my mind to embrace it with a positive outlook.

In fact, one thing I did to scare away my “fifties” fears is to spend time hangin’ with 20-somethings. I met some new “youngsters” who are making tens of thousands of dollars per month on the internet. I was floored. I decided to learn from them. And — don’t tell them — subliminally absorb their youth. Yee Haw!

Something has changed in the world of talent, in the world of information, in the world of entertainment, and commerce, and services. It is a shift in the “fearless” generation. A change that has catapulted this midlife man who was dreading a new career decision. Not any longer. The Internet world rescued me.

The Internet has opened up vistas upon vistas (Microsoft pun not intended). Okay. The Internet has opened up an entire new solar system of possibilities. The options to market my ideas over the Internet, to work from home on the Internet, to develop new skills based upon the Internet, and well… it is simply phenomenal.

It means I have no fear and no doubts about changing my career at fifty. And it should mean that same thing for any of you deciding to expand your life from fifty onwards.

Eugene Harnett is a business and success consultant. He runs a Real Estate Investment firm and an Internet Marketing Business. He expands your knowledge, urging you to be the best possible person you can be in both life and in business. His experience covers 30 years of working in sales, in the ministry, and in the civic arena. He offers a panoramic, yet piquant, view on matters of human importance. Try him. HighIncomeNetwork


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