The Job Search Recipe In A Zero Job Growth Market

With the dismal announcement of Zero Job Growth flooding the internet from sources as Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNN Money, The Huffington Post, and numerous other highly regarded informational channels, how does a job seeker keep a positive attitude?

When I began writing this article, I admit, I was a little hungry. It reminded me of how similar planning a meal is to looking for a job in a tight market.

Basic Recipe: One practical job search tip in keeping motivated is to plan out your 8-5 day by creating a weekly calendar of “to do” activities. One might call these activities your grocery list. Include the fundamental time for job-board searches, direct marketing and research. Keep a grocery list of your weekly activities and check them off when completed to boost your sense of accomplishment.

Flavor: Then add a little flavor by staying current in your industry. Schedule and attend a couple of community network meetings every week, such as Chamber of Commerce, or an industry related gathering.

Spice: Kick it up with scheduled network time. 65-75% of your calendar should be planned with this vital ingredient. Although the internet has made this chore so much easier with online social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and etc.), nothing surpasses face-to-face time.

Sweetener: Schedule an hour or two during your week to give back. Volunteer to assist with a local charity group. Get involved. Besides this activity being a great internal network with a broad array of board members (who are Key Decision Makers in the corporate world), it is a great way to stimulate the juices of once again being needed, and furnish you with the warm fuzzy to stay motivated.

Bam: Take advantage of being home. Put away the job search and spend time with the family in the evenings and weekends. Plan interactive time such as board games, helping with homework, going to the park, and visiting the neighbors. Savor the moments. This is special time that makes it all worthwhile.

Smell the Aroma: As the above ingredients are simmering, use your nose to sniff out current news articles relevant to your industry and locate businesses that are experiencing changes. This is your key to investigate a possible niche for you to do a little direct target marketing.

Taste: A good cook needs to be able to taste the brew. The same goes for a good job searcher needing to develop an understanding of what flavors and spices are working best. Follow up on your activities with phone calls and schedule one-on-one meetings with Key Decision Makers.

Rather than throwing in the apron, or moping around in your bathrobe, shake up your routine recipe. Stir the above mixture until it sizzles to find your right motivational flavor! Stay hopeful, after all, a Zero Job Growth Market is slightly better than a Negative Market!

We would enjoy hearing from you. Please share your “recipe” with our readers on tips of how you have stayed positive in this down economy. http://jobinterview-practice.com/


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