Top 5 employment resources for disabled job seekers


The job hunt is often more difficult for the disabled than it is for most applicants. While all candidates for a job should be judged on their skills and capabilities alone, many employers are hesitant to hire qualified applicants with disabilities. Some organizations are luckily trying to put an end to this discrimination by creating valuable employment resources for disabled job seekers.


  1. American Association of People with Disabilities
    The AAPD offers its services to more disabled Americans than any other organization. As the largest nonprofit dedicated to empowering disabled workers, the AAPD works with employers to create opportunities for workers with disabilities in the form of accommodations, internships, and helpful direction. Millions of disabled Americans are helped by the AAPD to find work opportunities in spite of a range of disabilities.
  2. American Foundation for the Blind
    Blindness is among the most difficult physical handicaps to work with, as it robs us of one of our most important senses. However, the blind are nonetheless capable of working just as well as any other candidate. The AFB is dedicated to finding opportunities for the blind, as well as helping to build resumes, find and utilize assisting technology, and search job databases. The AFB is the best resource available to helping the blind with their unique problems in finding work in productive positions that utilize their skills.
  3. National Business and Disability Council
    Disabled job seekers often have trouble finding sources for job opportunities. The NBDC offers members access to a comprehensive employment database that caters specifically to candidates with disabilities, as well as offering a resume database where members can upload their resumes for potential employers to view. This is beneficial for disabled job seekers in that it provides them with a valuable resource and simultaneously helps employers in the process of hiring and accommodating disabled workers. Promoting the hiring of the disabled is very important in making the working world easier, and the NBDC is committed to doing just that.
  4. Disability.gov
    For quick access to numerous information resources for the disabled, Disability.gov is the one website that offers comprehensive pages sponsored by the government and several outside agencies. This site is not limited to employment information–there is information on topics such as education, civil rights, transportation, utilities such as electric mobility scooters and a number of other things that are serious issues for the disabled. Job seekers with disabilities will be able to find a wealth of information on employment as well as other matters, making Disability.gov a great resource to utilize.
  5. Work Without Limits
    This organization is based in Massachusetts and offers an invaluable resource to the disabled and handicapped. As a partnership between public and private organizations, Work Without Limits strives to help the disabled receive equal treatment in the job market and improve their quality of life by finding fulfilling work opportunities in a number of industries. Strengthening the workforce and making opportunities available to workers with disabilities is the goal of Work Without Limits, a truly fantastic organization.



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